Establishing Nexus Centers as Water & Energy Hubs

Our Services

Nexus Centers

We are establishing Nexus Centers as Water and Energy Hubs in many places to provide pure drinking water & necessary energy resources.

Micro – Hydrowpower

We provide solutions for Micro-Hydropower  using Vortex Turbines to produce electricity in rural areas.

Solar Lift Irrigation

We provide these service to boost the lift irrigation projects in the state wherein it will install solar panels on irrigation canals to generate power.

Water Purification

It is one of our major service to provide solutions for Water Purification for decentralized areas.

Our Missions

Water & Energy Services

“Sustainable Water & Energy Services in decentralized and rural areas through Social Entrepreneurial approach.”

Safe water supply

“Safe water supply to earthquake victims of Sanosirubari village and students of Sidhi Ganesh Higher Secondary School.”

Our Partners