Our Mission

“Sustainable water and energy services in decentralized and rural areas through social development.”

Water & Energy hub

A NEXUS Center is an “off grid” water & energy hub, with a drinking water treatment system and solar power center at its core in remote rural villages, hospitals and schools. Due to a wide range of possible additional revenue generation possibilities beyond safe drinking water and electricity, the NEXUS Center is a true “one-stop” retail and infrastructure facility that aggregates community members, helps to promote local development and creates employment opportunities.

Each decentralized water &energy hub will be operated by a local entrepreneur and provides in the first instance safe drinking water to the community, optionally along with a delivery service or piped tap network. In addition, the hub can offer a wide range of functionalities, services and products, such as cold storage, sanitation, charging of electronic devices, rooms to rent for medical services and small business, access to internet, hygienic products, etc. The modular approach allows to tailor services and products towards the specific community needs and offers interesting partnership opportunities with telecommunication providers, micro-finance institutions, multinational corporations and other local businesses.

All our NEXUS Centers are designed to withstand environmental impacts like storms, earthquakes or floods as good as possible. In combination with a shelter for the people, the NEXUS Center provides a perfect Disaster Risk Reduction Solution (DRR) for disaster prone areas. The NEXUS Center can save many lives, because it is able to remove or mount the solar system very quickly. This enables it to re-establish the most important services like water and energy supplies and communication immediately after an environmental incident.