Nexus Center Concept

Public Electricity & Lighting


We power your business

A solid and reliable power supply is the backbone of any commercial activity and community development. The modular design of the power supply scheme in the NEXUS Centers allows an easy scalability. The basic package includes only relative small amounts of free power to sell. If the commercial activities grow in the community, the power supply can be increased by adding more power modules. If the demand is big enough, even the establishment of a micro-grid system is possible. The power can be generated by solar- and/or wind power, by waste-to-energy technologies or hydropower installations depending on the local conditions. Grid power or generators can be included as backup systems as well.

The NEXUS center intend to provide power to commercial activities/entrepreneurs and not to individual households. The energy supply is 100% renewable.

The NEXUS Power Package

Benefits for partner

  • Flexible energy source depending on location and requirement
  • Modular power scaling
  • Reliable power supply alternative to grid connection
  • Cost effective power solution

Positive impact on Community

  • Improvement of community economical situation
  • 100% renewable energy supply
  • Various options to start a business
  • Fast access to energy supply (compared with grid connection

Safe drinking water & sanitation


Water: the fuel of life

A safe source of drinking water is essential for every human being on this planet. Unfortunately, not all human beings do have access to a safe source of drinking water. Many need to rely on contaminated or unreliable sources causing a lot of health issues but also economic and social problems. One of the core services which each NEXUS center offers is the supply of safe drinking water. By having access to a vast portfolio of drinking water purification technologies, we can offer in almost any location a suitable treatment method to purify the raw water to healthy drinking water, meeting at least the WHO regulations. By engineering the technical applications as sustainable as possible, we reduce the impact on the environment to the maximum. All our solutions are designed individually according to the local conditions and are powered 100% by renewable energy supply.

Additionally, every NEXUS Center features toilet facilities which are used not only for the guests and the employees of the hub, but shall also be used as a role model for activities in the sanitation and hygiene sector.

The NEXUS Water Package

Benefits for partner

  • Business opportunities in reselling water
  • Various options for collaboration in the supply chain

Positive impact on Community

  • Safe and reliable drinking water supply
  • Individual adaptation to the local conditions of the site and needs of the community
  • Low environmental impact
  • Access to toilet and sanitation facilities

Rural Impact Hub


Platform for your local business

Setting up a business in a rural environment is difficult enough. Why worrying also about the infrastructure? The rooms to rent in each NEXUS center can be turned into a “Mom and Pop Shop” easily. They can be used as a distribution channel for basic grocery items, as a mechanical repair shop, as a coffee house, as a mobile communication shop, a rural banking office, a lottery sales station, a hairdresser, an activity coordination headquarter or a community center. The list of opportunities is endless. The list of potential tenants is as well. We are open for international companies, regional and local entrepreneurs, NGO’s and government offices to make the NEXUS Center a real rural Impact Hub!

The NEXUS Impact Hub Package

Benefits for partner

  • Direct access to a large, merely untapped market
  • Support of the activities by NEXUS Social Mobilizers
  • NEXUS rural Impact Hub offers safe drinking water, electricity, clean and maintained rooms, cold storage
  • Secured facility and lockable rooms
  • No investments, low operational costs
  • Endless opportunities for potential local tenants

Positive impact on Community

  • Incubator for entrepreneurial, non-governmental and governmental activities in remote locations
  • Improved access to services and products
  • Various options to start a business
  • Raised attractiveness of rural environment
  • Reduction of urbanization