Nexus Technology in earthquake affected district- Sindhupalchowk to provide safe water to victims with the financial support from ex-students of Lueneburg University, Germany, Trunz Water Systems AG, Switzerland and Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), the Nexus Technology P. Ltd. installed a mobile solar powered water purification unit in Sidhi Ganesh Higher Secondary School in Sanosirubari village of Sindhupalchowk district to provide safe drinking water for 450 students and about 20 families. The unit filters about 180 liters per hour and is operated by both solar power and national grid electricity. The school and the villagers were facing acute shortages of water due to damages of water facilities and sources depletion by 25th April and 12th May 2015 earthquake. After the installation, the students and villagers got rid of drinking water scarcity.

Completion Report

Name of assignment            :       Safe water supply to earthquake victims of Sanosirubari village and students of Sidhi Ganesh Higher Secondary School in Sindhupalchowk district using Survivor 300 unit

Project location                    :       Sanosirubari Village, Chautara Municipality-9, Sindhupalchowk district, Nepal

Benefited population          :       HHs: 25, Population: 125, Students: 450

Total project cost                 :       600,000.00 NPR (449,000.00 NPR by ex-students of Luneburg University and 151,000.0 by Trunz Water System)

Name of the filter plant      :       Survivor 300 (Made in Switzerland, by Trunz Water Systems)

Technology                            :       Ultrafiltration

Safe water production rate :       180 liters per hour

Project Stakeholders  in Nepal :   Elite Enterprises Nepal P. Ltd., Chitwan, partial support from Nepalese ex-student of Oldenburg University, Germany

Project funded by                  :       Ex-students of Lueneburg University, Germany and Trunz Water Systems AG, Switzerland


The safe drinking water provision to Sanosirubari village and Sidhi Ganesh Higher Seconadry School of Sindhupalchowk district was jointly provided by donated money by ex-students of Lueneburg University, Suderburg campus of Germany and partial funding by Trunz Water Systems AG, Switzerland. The students of Lueneburg University, Germany started raising of donations in May 2015, just two weeks after the 25th April earthquake in Nepal to support the earthquake victims of Nepal for providing safe water. By the end of September 2015, they raised a total of 4,400.00 Euro and they decided to provide a Swiss made water purification unit (Survivor 300) to the victims through Guneshwar Prasad Mahato (ex-student of Suderburg Campus, Germany) of Elite Enterprises Nepal P. Ltd. Trunz Water Systems, Switzerland (the manufacturer and supplier of Survivor 300) added up 1,000.00 Euro to procure the unit.


The main objective of the assignment was to have the accessibility to safe water to one earthquake affected village and a school of Sindhupalchowk district through the simple, sustainable and ultrafiltration technology. The details of the objective include:

  • To install mobile water treatment system for earthquake affected community in Chautara-9, Sindhupalchowk;
  • To prepare detailed report including status of community after installation.

Scope of Work (Activities)

  • Transportation of the mobile water treatment system to the site;
  • Installation and commissioning of the system;
  • Training the community about using the system;
  • Handover of the system to the community/school;
  • Interaction with the community people for their level of satisfaction and change in living standard after the installation; and
  • Preparation of the final report.

Selection of Project Location

Sindhupalchowk district is one of the highly earthquake affected districts of Nepal by the 25th April and 12th May 2015 earthquakes and subsequently by several numbers of aftershocks. Sanosirubari village of Chautara VDC, Sindhupalchowk district was severely affected by earthquake, which led to die several people and displace 300 households.  Several families lost their houses and fixed assets. The existing water supply and sanitation facilities were severely damaged. Many numbers of families are still living in the temporary sheds and tents.

Installation of the Unit

The installation of the unit was carried out by technical human resources of Elite Enterprises Nepal P. Ltd. It was also a pleasure to see the presence of the executive director of Alternative Energy Promotion Center during the installation.

Current Situation

After installation and handing over of the Survivor 300 water purification unit in the village, all people from 25 households and 450 students of the school have easy access to high quality safe drinking water. Each family is fetching at least 2 trips (40 liters) of water for the drinking and cooking purposes using their own vessels. The students are getting water in jugs (2.5 litres) in the class rooms. The villagers are no any dependent on the traditional water sources for fetching drinking water, however, the demands for hygiene and sanitation, animal feeding and washing purposes, they fetch water from rehabilitated water points spending at least 3 hours per day. The satisfaction of the community people with the access to safe water has been seen very encouraging.


It is highly acknowledged to the students of Lueneburg University of Germany for their kind support to the earthquake victims of Sanosirubari village and Sidhi Ganesh higher secondary school of Sindhupalhowk district. On behalf of Elite Enterprises Nepal P. Ltd., I express my great thanks to AEPC for supporting this campaign to happen in one village of Sindhupalchowk, and take this opportunity to thank the executive director of AEPC for his active support on implementation.