Our Partners

The Swiss Water Partnership brings Swiss stakeholders together to promote a sustainable and equitable use and management of water resources as well as universal access to water and sanitation. It was founded as a Swiss association in February 2012 .

Lots of fresh water deposits contain disease-inducing substances, such as viruses, bacteria or chemicals. A fact that has profound consequences for the health of those people involved.

Trunz Water Systems has converted the vision of a simple self-sufficient water treatment system into practice. The mobile, independent water treatment and water desalination systems are powered using integrated photovoltaics and wind generators. This means that there are virtually no boundaries to using this system anywhere in the world.

WECONNEX is also offering consulting services for remote infrastructure solutions and technologies. We can provide expertise on business modelling, technology deployment and market development to private and public customers.

Water Tech Trading and Trunz Water Systems have developed an innovative, entrepreneurial business concept for Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) markets. Our goal is to provide clean water and energy supply that goes far beyond a technical solution. The business model integrates local people and organisations in order to support entrepreneurship and create income. Our approach: helping people to help themselves !

Everyone in the world should have structural access to clean water and good sanitation. But citizens at the Base of pyramid  often don’t. Through a wide range of services, Aqua for All strengthens ideas and initiatives that aim to provide them with that access. Supporting this common goal with a variety of partners, we ensure a better future for millions of people.