water tech trading 3Water Tech Trading and Trunz Water Systems have developed an innovative, entrepreneurial business concept for Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) markets. Our goal is to provide clean water and energy supply that goes far beyond a technical solution. The business model integrates local people and organisations in order to support entrepreneurship and create income. Our approach: helping people to help themselves!

The idea is to install a network of “off-grid” water and energy hubs, named NEXUS Centers, with water treatment systems and solar power centers at their core in remote areas. Due to additional revenue generation possibilities beyond safe drinking water, such as refrigeration, charging of electronic devices, space for medical treatment and small businesses, access to internet, hygiene products, etc., the NEXUS Center will become a true “one-stop” retail and infrastructure facility that aggregates community members, helps to promote local development and creates employment opportunities. The modular approach allows to tailor services and products towards the specific community needs and offers interesting partnership opportunities with telecommunication providers, micro-finance institutions and other local businesses. Water-Jars-Manari-NEXUS-Center-Nepal-Asia

Leveraging the expertise of different partners iscritical to establish a successful business at the BoP. The water and energy hubs will be installed, managed and operated in collaboration with four partner entities: a local partner enterprise, an investor, Water Tech Trading/Trunz Water Systems and a locally embedded NGO.

Since beginning of 2014,we are piloting three Nexus Centers in cooperation with several partner organizations in Nepal. The goal of the pilot is to prove the financial viability of the business concept and gather experiences for the scale-up phase. For the next phase, a thorough feasibility study including a local survey on water and energy needs and demands has already

Picture14 been conducted. In addition we have will launch another 5 Nexus Centers in 2015 funded by our partner Aqua For All.

In addition, the concept of locally operated water shops has been implemented during the last few years within several projects in Madagascar, India, Philippines, Kenya and Pakistan.

We are seeking financial and strategic business support from large corporations, impact investors, philanthropic investors, family offices, private equity funds, non-governmental organizations as well as renowned international water, development and infrastructure specialists to develop and implement the NEXUS Centers on a large scale.